Our Team of Professionals

Julia Allatog, RCRT & LCRT

Reflexology Therapist & Instructor

Julia is registered and licensed as  Reflexology Therapist and Teacher with the Reflexology Association of Canada. For the past 20 years, she has been compassionately helping her clients relieve tension and alleviate pain. Dedicated to sharing her wealth of knowledge and extensive experience, she has been mentoring and teaching Reflexology since 2012. Experience Julia's therapeutic touch and her healing hands as an alternative approach to health and wellness.

Contact Julia at

[email protected] or 604-506-4967

Kim Huizinga, RCRT

Reflexology Therapist

Kim is registered with the Reflexology Association of Canada and has been practicing Reflexology since 2017.  Emitting soothing, positive restorative energy, Kim activates specific pressure points to relieve pain, improve circulation, increase blood flow and release toxins. Strengthen your immune system, detox your body and feel refreshed with Kim's stimulating touch! 

Restore vitality and get the bounce back into your step!

She offers sessions at White Rock Health & Beauty Centre on Wednesdays and Saturdays.  

Contact Kim at

[email protected] or 604-358-3061

Marion Sahlmann, ARP

Reflexology Practitioner

Certified through the Reflexology Association of BC, Marion specializes in Foot Pain and Plantar Fasciitis Care. Therapeutic, and relaxing, Marion's compassionate, healing touch stimulates blood flow, promotes lymphatic drainage and alleviates pain. Connecting with each individual, Marion triggers certain pressure points, to help relieve tension, reduce anxiety and aid in the release of any emotional stress.  For a more restful sleep, improved mood and overall well-being!

Contact Marion at 

[email protected] or 604-498-1282

Medical Aesthetician

Certified in laser technologies, thermocoagulation, electrolysis, chemical peels and micro-needling. Sandra is known for her expertise in advanced cosmetic procedures. Specializing in lesion removal, clearing the skin of any skin tags, moles, milia, acne blemishes, scars, sebaceous cysts, hyperplasia, seborrheic keratosis, cholesterol deposits, spider veins, cherry angiomas, brown spots and hyperpigmentation. 

Contact Sandra at 

[email protected] or 604-828-7468


Mercedes Lee

Nail Technician

Mercedes offers gel nails extraordinaire! Beautifying nails since 1990, she has developed the expertise to create the nails you will truly love! Using only high quality, professional non-toxic products and maintaining exceptional high standards for cleanliness while continuously upgrading her infectious control certification training. 

Be mesmerized by Mercedes as she skillfully performs for the art of nails while you sit back and relax for your own personalized session.

Contact Mercedes at 

[email protected] or 778-839-8821

Liza Melati

Licensed Esthetician

Dedicated to providing superior services and a lasting impression on her clients, Liza strives for excellence and consistently provides value that clients appreciate. With extensive knowledge of various professional skincare and active ingredients she easily customizes treatments personalized to your specific needs. Liza specializes in rejuvenating facials, waxing services, lash &  brow, tint and shape.  

Contact Liza at 

[email protected] or 604-786-4847


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